Carpet Cleaners Brentwood

"The Most Thourough Cleaning you Have Ever Seen Guaranteed."

Truck mounted carpet cleaning Brentwood.

With over 30 years cleaning experience carpet cleaners Brentwood know what it takes to clean carpets rugs and upholstery to a standard that cannot be surpassed, so the claim "the most thorough cleaning you have ever seen" is not just a catch phrase.

Many companies locally and throughout Essex are still using portable machines to work with and there is still a time and place for such but do not be mislead nothing cleans better than truck mounted cleaning equipment the equation is simple high water pressure coupled with incredible air movement (suction) and very high temperatures when needed plus the experience of many years in our trade equal very clean carpets and upholstery. The only time a portable machine would be used by ourselves now days would be where no access is available ie high rise flats or a situation where the van has to be parked more than a hundred metres away from whatever needs to be cleaned, truck mounts always leave your carpets drier than even the most powerful portables because of the huge air movement they generate. This equipment enables us to carry out upholstery cleaning to a level of satisfaction that has clients often saying how impressed they are with the results and rug cleaning has been taken to whole new dimensions especially chinese and indian oriental rugs.

Eco friendly and allergy safe.

It can no longer be said that green does not clean! unfortunately there was some truth in this statement in that eco friendly agents would not always clean a heavily soiled carpet or suite so you would sometimes have to result to using a harsher chemical to effectively achieve good results and this could have implications for people or animals with sensitive skin, the equipment and cleaning agents carpet cleaning Brentwood use make these risks impossible. For further information on this subject see allergy safe cleaning or if you are unfortunate enough to be suffering from a dust mite allergy that is making your Asthma or eczema worse check out the Essex Allergy Clinic for information and help with such issues.

We work all local areas including Shenfield, Hutton, Billericay, Onger, and have an established long term presence in Chelmsford. Please contact us for any further information you may need on the contact details set out below.